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Protocols and Study Consents

The study protocols and model consent documents for each phase are available here. All consent forms were available in both English and Spanish. Please expand the section(s) of interest below to review.

WHI Extension Study, 2020-2028
WHI Extension Study, 2015-2020
WHI Extension Study, 2010-2015


Extension Consent

Long Life Consent: This consent form covered both the WHI In-person Visit and OPACH (AS286-Objective Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health)

WHI Extension Study, 2005-2010


HT Extension Consent (for HT and HT+DM participants)

Non-HT Extension Consent (for DM only and OS participants) 

WHI, 1993-2005


Initial Consent (includes permission to draw baseline blood sample)

HT Trial Consent

DM Trial Consent

CaD Trial Consent (started one year after randomization to HT and/or DM)

OS Consent

Supplemental Use Consent for Use of Stored Specimens by Researchers at Private or Non-Profit Organizations (Participants who signed this consent may have specimen data loaded into dbGaP.)