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Plan an Ancillary Study

The WHI investigators are interested in maximizing the value of the resources that have been created, including for topics not directly or fully covered by core funding.  We encourage researchers to propose ancillary studies that generate new data using the WHI study population, biospecimens or study records (e.g., medical records, food records, ECGs).  All ancillary data are required to be submitted to the WHI Clinical Coordinating Center (CCC) to further enrich the WHI database for future studies.  Note:  If your study idea involves analyses of existing data only, you may simply Propose a Paper.   

The Ancillary Study Committee (ASC) reviews all proposals to generate new data using the WHI resource.  The review is based on scientific merit, feasibility, appropriate use of the WHI study population, participant burden, and overlap with previously approved studies.  All ancillary studies require separate funding. 

PLEASE NOTE: If there is any change to your study (including aims, sample size, assays, labs, funding, principal investigators, title, or cohorts utilized) after your original submission to the ASC, an AS Modification Request form needs to be submitted to ASC for approval.

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