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Join a Writing Group

Writing groups are a team of research investigators who support a lead author in the development of their manuscript by:

Paper proposals recently approved by the P&P Committee become open to accept nominations for writing group members. Since active participation is expected of every writing group member, members should be conscious of the number of groups they choose to participate in and keep their number of nominations to a reasonable limit.

If a title among the list of open writing groups interests you, please feel free to email the P&P Committee to obtain more information or provide you with a contact to the lead author.

How nominations to writing groups work

11 Open Writing Groups – All Close 12/3/20

Ms4307 – Eating practices longevity indices (EPLI) among postmenopausal women – Ross Prentice

Ms4308 – The genome-wide mutational landscape of lung cancer in never-smokers (LCNS): The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) cohort – Sitapriya Moorthi

Ms4311 – Changes in dietary methionine intake and survival in postmenopausal women with breast cancer: Results from the Women’s Health Initiative – Yangbo Sun

Ms4323 – Air pollutants, cardiovascular risk, and mortality: Investigating exposure thresholds with pooled cohorts – Sabah Quraishi

Ms4327 – Sex hormones, sex hormones binding globulin (SHBG), and risk of ischemic stroke in men and women in WHI and TOPMed Stroke – Tracy Madsen
This proposal stems from a BAA; writing group slots for WHI investigators may be limited

Ms4328 – Identification of genetic risk factors for postpartum depression – Jerry Guintivano

Ms4332 – Meal patterns and risk of breast cancer among post-menopausal women – Valeria Elahy

Ms4336 – Autoantibody-antigen complexes can accurately detect limited stage SCLC – Kristin Lastwika

Ms4337 – The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on older women in the Women’s Health Initiative – Trang VoPham

Ms4339 – The effect of hormone therapy use on DXA-derived visceral fat and subcutaneous fat in postmenopausal women — Results from the Women’s Health Initiative Study – Zhao Chen

Ms4340 – Associations of accelerometer-measured physical activity and sedentary behavior with incident mild cognitive impairment and dementia – John Bellettiere
Only investigators from centers that participated in Ancillary Study 286 are eligible for this writing group