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Join a Writing Group

Writing groups are a team of research investigators who support a lead author in the development of their manuscript by:

Paper proposals recently approved by the P&P Committee become open to accept nominations for writing group members. Since active participation is expected of every writing group member, members should be conscious of the number of groups they choose to participate in and keep their number of nominations to a reasonable limit.

If a title among the list of open writing groups interests you, please feel free to email the P&P Committee to obtain more information or provide you with a contact to the lead author.

How nominations to writing groups work

7 Open Writing Groups – All Close 10/22/20

Ms4266 – Polygenic risk scores and heart failure in the Women’s Health Initiative Study – Eugenia Wong

Ms4267 – Metabolic syndrome, its components and risk of pancreatic cancer among postmenopausal women – Xiaoyun Liang

Ms4268 – Radon exposure and risk of incident stroke – Sophie Buchheit

Ms4274 – Resiliency among WHI women in the 80+ cohort by race, ethnicity, and neighborhood socioeconomic status – Jessica Krok-Schoen

Ms4304 – The associations of accelerometer-measured steps with cancer incidence and death: The WHS/WHI Studies – Carmen Cuthbertson
*Only investigators from centers that participated in Ancillary Study 286 are eligible for this writing group*

Ms4310 – Interaction of environmental factors and germline genetic determinants of circulating inflammatory biomarkers in relation to colorectal cancer survival – Xinwei Hua

Ms4312 – The severity of various individual menopausal symptoms and cardiovascular disease outcomes in the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Cohort