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Baseline CVD Biomarkers

A subset of WHI participants have CVD biomarkers at baseline through a core set of WHI studies (additional participants have had CVD biomarkers measured through smaller ancillary studies, but those are not described here). A description of the participants with both CVD biomarker data and imputed GWAS data can be found here.

Baseline CVD Biomarkers – subset of WHI core analytesSerum: glu​cose and insulin EDTA plasma: lipidsCreatinine and CRP were NOT measuredLab: MRL/PPDBaseline CVD Biomarkers​ ​ ​Serum: glucose, insulin, lipids, creatinine and CRP  ​Lab: University of Minnesota (UMMC)
W1: 6% CT subsampleW2: 1% OS Measurement Precision study​W54: African American and HispanicW58: European American HTW66: LLS eligibility pool expansion​AS422: Native American
​N=~4,546​N=~1,082​N=~12,157​N=~10,306​N=~1,502​N=~594​Total ~N
​A. Original CVD Biomarker Cohort (selected to be a representative subsample of WHI, tested at UMMC)X​X​22,463
B. All CVD biomarkers tested at UMMC​X​X​X​X​24,558
​C. Core analyte subcohort (tested at MRL/PPD)​X​X​5,628
​D. All (tested at MRL/PPD and/or UMMC)X​X​X​X​X​X​27,544